Private sessions are available locally in my practice in Los Angeles, about a 20 minute car ride north of Los Angeles Airport (LAX). And in Hamburg, whenever I visit my German home town. I also teach via video chat through apps such as Skype, FaceTime, Carrot or Zoom.

The first session includes a health history intake and thorough vision checks. These include near vision, far vision, astigmatism, balance and fusion. You will also get an introduction into the Bates principles with a guideline for healthy vision habits. Therefore you can start right away after the first lesson with your eyesight improvement journey. After that initial session a custom lesson plan will be set up to suit your vision needs.

Inside the Batesvision practice
Batesvision’s practice is a light-filled, colorful and friendly room, suited for working with adults and children alike.


The sessions are 85 minutes long. Using the Bates Method techniques you will learn to relax your eyes and mind and will see improvements right during the session. While most people have this experience, everybody is different and it’s important to be patient with yourself and your progress.

A minimum of ten sessions are recommended to learn to incorporate new vision habits into daily life. And to stabilize any improvements that happen during and after a session. The first four sessions should be scheduled weekly. After that, continue to take sessions weekly or go to a semi-weekly schedule.

Weekly sessions have been shown to be the most successful. Any longer breaks in the initial learning phase often leads to less diligence and stagnation of improvement. Once the appropriate Bates techniques are learned, booking a session every few months to help clarify questions, improve the practice or to learn new techniques is recommended.

Lens Trial Kit to determine power for reduced lenses
With this optometrists lens trial kit I can help my clients find their perfect reduced lens power for the transitional phase.

For my local clients who will need reduced strength glasses in the transition process, I am able to offer a vision screening with an optometrists lens trial kit. Once we find the ideal reduced diopter power, you can order lenses online without having a prescription. These reduced lenses will be ideal for most daily needs such as office or household work.

I am currently planning a range of online as well as local introductory talks, the schedule will be posted on this site. In addition I will do vision walks about twice a year. If you have interest in natural vision improvement but don’t feel like jumping right into a private session, call or email me.

You can schedule a FREE 45 minute strategy session here (book early as i only have a couple available per week), or ask to be added my mailing list. And if you have a small group of interested people, I am also happy to conduct a free intro talk at your location or online.

Our practice is full of visual stimuli and colorful objects too look. Not just eye charts!
Our practice is full of visual stimuli to look at in a relaxed way. Not just eye charts.
A big backyard and cozy patio provides a comfortable space for outside vision improvement activities, for kids and grown ups alike.
A big backyard and cozy patio provide a comfortable space for outside vision improvement activities, for kids and grown ups alike.


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