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Meet Claudia

Claudia Muehlenweg | Holistic Vision Coach

Email: support (a) myholisticvision.comLocation: Los Angeles, California, USA

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My Story
From an early age I had trouble seeing well and using my eyes together; my right eye kept turning in. The decision was made for me to get glasses before I even turned three.

And even though they helped me see better, they created a lot of pain, especially once I started school. I got teased and bullied. None of the cool kids wanted to play with me. Glasses were not hip back then.

Years later I joined a handball team. I wasn’t allowed to wear the glasses during practice for safety reasons. As my skills and confidence grew, my eyesight improved and after a few years of playing I was able to ditch the glasses.

I had this taste of freedom, of feeling attractive and successful… but it was short lived.
During my rocky marriage my eyesight declined again and I found myself back in glasses. I eventually divorced and lived the life of a single mom, sleep deprived and constantly stressed.

One day I decided to take a friend up on an invite to a party in Silverlake in East Los Angeles. Everybody at the party was good-looking and sexy.

I didn’t know any of the guests and felt incredibly disconnected. After an hour I decided to drive back home to Mar Vista (neighborhood in West Los Angeles).

It was a moonless night. I got lost in a sketchy part of Downtown Los Angeles and had to pull out the Thomas guide; no Google maps back then. The print was so tiny I could barely read anything.

Somehow I made it home. When I took my glasses off, everything was super blurry, much more than normally.

After a few minutes of crying, I had an epiphany:

My emotional well-being was related to my visual well-being. When I was confused and insecure about where I was and how I fit into the world, my vision was blurry. When I was happy, successful and felt connected to others, my vision was clear.

A few weeks later my yoga teacher told me she’ll be doing a Natural Vision Improvement Teacher Training. I had never heard of that but was immediately interested.

When she came back to LA, I worked with her 1:1. My vision got better, until I was eventually able to ditch my glasses for good.

I felt joy again. I felt attractive and sexy. 40 didn’t feel like being over the hill anymore.

I immersed myself in the study of eyesight. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became with vision, realizing it goes well beyond the eyeball.

From the moment I helped my very first client during my own Bates Method Teacher Training at the College of Vision Education in London I knew this was what I was born to do.

Since then I have helped many people improve their eyesight naturally and feel better overall. In addition to my Bates Method certification I am certified as a Yogaworks 200hr Yoga Teacher as well as a Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® Method Teacher. I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity to improve lives.